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Degree Programme in Business Administration, Salo

Autumn 2019

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Year of study 1 2 3 4
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CORE COMPETENCE 60                                                        
Project Hatchery 5                                                        
Basics of Business 55                                                        
Basics of Sales and Marketing 5
Professional IT tools 5
Introduction to Digitalisation 5
Workplace Communication 5
Business English 5
Swedish Business Communication, B1
Swedish in working life, oral communication 2
Swedish in working life, written communication 3
Financial Management Tools to Support Sales 5
Global Business Mindset 5
Enterprise Resource Planning 5  
Contract Law 5  
International Trade 5  
COMPLEMENTARY COMPETENCE 150                                                        
Digital Business
(Select 30 ECTS)
Business Models 5  
Business Intelligence 5  
Productization 5  
Development Project 1 15    
Smarketing - Integrared Sales and Marketing
(Select 40 ECTS)
Selling in the Digital Era 5
Digital Marketing - Website Design to Support Business 5
Online Store and Marketing Campaigns 5  
Digital Marketing - Content Creation 5  
Sales and Negotiation Skills 5  
Development Project 2 15    
Digital Technologies
(Select 25 ECTS)
Data Security and Data Protection 5
Focusing on Selected Technologies 5  
Development Project 3 15      
Studies in student exchange 30                                                        
OPTIONAL STUDIES 30                                                        
Co-operative 1 5                                                        
(Select 30 ECTS)
Basic Practical Training 10
Professional Practical Training 20    
(Select 20 ECTS)
Methods in Development Work 5  
Bachelor's Thesis 15    
ECTS credits per period / semester / academic year 60 60 55 25 25 35 30 30 35 20 25 12.5 12.5 12 12 12 15.5 15.5 10.3 10.3 10.3 18 18 7 7 7 13 13

Due to the timing of optional and elective courses, credit accumulation per semester / academic year may vary.

Programme description

The Business Administration Programme trains versatile experts and developers to business. The graduates are digital business experts, who recognize the possibilities, provide services and operate in international sales and marketing. Innovatiopedagogy combines learning, applied RDI and the development needs from working life. Learning methods are versatile and student-centered. Information is shared by team-learning methods


The core of the program consists of business, sales and marketing digital technologies as well as communication and language studies. Customer projects are integrated and some take place in English.
After two years, students can more flexibly apply the gained know-how in their own expertise field:
• digital business
• sales and digital marketing
• digital technologies.

A student exchange or practical training abroad for min three months takes place during the third year.

Practical training also takes place during the 3rd year. The aim is support student’s professional growth and personalize his/her study plan. In cases where the student already works in challenging tasks in relevant field, the acquired skills and knowledge may be recognized as part of the studies. These learning outcomes acquired in the work place are assessed against the learning objectives and the evaluation criteria of the degree programme.

The student collects data and findings from study modules, projects, training period and exchange in a portfolio. During the studies the student deepens his/her expertise in the chosen subject areas and s/he draws together a Portfolio-type of Thesis.

An appointed teacher-tutor supports the student’s learning process during the length of studies.


Master level studies in universities and universities of applied sciences.
After the Bachelor’s degree from a university of applied sciences, it is also possible to continue in Master level degree programmes in foreign higher education institutions.

University of applied sciences offers opportunities for continuing education in specialisation studies, apprenticeship-type continuing education, and working life-based continuing education. If a student completes a Master’s degree in a university of applied sciences, they can receive an opportunity for further education in scientific or arts-related further studies in universities.

Competence objectives

Pedagogic approaches