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Purchasing and Sales Management Programme

Autumn 2018

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Year of study 1 2 3 4
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CORE COMPETENCE 165                                                        
Basic Studies
Projects as a way of working 5                                                        
Higher Education Studies and Working Life Skills
Higher Education Studies and Working Life Skills 1 1                                                        
Higher Education Studies and Working Life Skills 2 1                                                        
Higher Education Studies and Working Life Skills 3 1                                                        
Higher Education Studies and Working Life Skills 4 1                                                        
Higher Education Studies and Working Life Skills 5 1                                                        
Professional Communication
Finnish Language and Communication 3                                                        
English Professional Skills, B2 3                                                        
Information Technology 6                                                        
Swedish for Working Life, Oral Communication (replacing compulsory Swedish) 1                                                        
Swedish for Working Life, Written Communication (replacing compulsory Swedish) 2                                                        
Vocational Studies
Business Skills
Entrepreneurship and Marketing 6                                                        
Accounting 4                                                        
Business and Contract Law 5                                                        
Business Operations
Sales and business communication 5                                                        
Logistics 5                                                        
Management skills and labour legislation 5                                                        
Methods for Business
Business Mathematics and Financial Management 5                                                        
Bookkeeping and Financial Analysic 5                                                        
Risk management and economy 5                                                        
Purchasing and sales optional modules
Purchasing and Material Management 5                                                        
Transport and Warehousing 5                                                        
Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) and SCM 5                                                        
Law and Purchasing 5                                                        
Supplier Relationships and Supply Chain Management 5                                                        
International Purchasing and Global Sourcing 5                                                        
Responsible Purchasing 5                                                        
Purchasing Development
Estimation and Development of Suppliers 5                                                        
Negotiation skills 3                                                        
Economy of Purchasing 3                                                        
Project 4                                                        
Personal Selling
Telemarketing and Projects 7                                                        
Business to Business Selling and Productization 5                                                        
Marketing Law 3                                                        
Solution Selling
CRM and Calculation of the Tenders 5                                                        
Sales Training 5                                                        
Sales Process 5                                                        
Sales Management
Customer Relationship Management Systems 5                                                        
Sales Management 5                                                        
Project assignments 5                                                        
COMPLEMENTARY COMPETENCE 58                                                        
Optional studies
Real Estate Agency
Real Estate Law and Work 7                                                        
Real Estate Field 3                                                        
Legalized real estate agent (LKV)- literature and exam 5                                                        
Responsible Business Management 3                                                        
Purchasing 5                                                        
Practical training
General Training 10                                                        
Professional Training 1 10                                                        
Professional Training 2 10                                                        
Bachlelor's Thesis
Thesis 20                                                        
ECTS credits per period / semester / academic year 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0

Due to the timing of optional and elective courses, credit accumulation per semester / academic year may vary.

Programme description

The aim of the degree is to give the adult student good basic knowledge of business economics and the capability to act in demanding purchase and sales positions. The studies are aimed towards the B2B environment and towards obtaining a successful career in purhcase and sales expert positions. The studies are carried out using innovation pedagogy principles. The student specializes either in Purchasing or Sales. The focus of the purchasing studies in the supply chain and logistics data management and quality and process knowledge. The sales studies focus on sales aimed at companies and organisations in addition to cost effectiveness, customer orientation and problem solving. One option is also to obtain a degree as legalized real estate agent.

The degree consists of 210 study credits under a time period of 3,5 years. One study credit consists of 27 hours of student work. The course studies are undertaken in the evenings 16:15-20 between Mondays and Thursdays either during three or four evenings. The first year covers the basics and the following two years the professional studies and a thesis. The work practice is divided equally throughout the degree (30 credits).

Competence objectives

The student elects either Sales or Purchasing. The selection is undertaken during the first year of studies. The degree does not give specific qualifications, the student has however the capability to work and progress in a variety of different purchase and sales expert careers.

Pedagogic approaches

The assessment varies from course to course and is detailed in each course description. the grade can be 0-5 or approved/failed. Student feed back is collected according to the quality system of the Turku University of Applied Science.

The obtained skills and knowledge are put into practice during the thesis work. The thesis is undertaken in the expert field areas and it amounts to 20 study credits.


Examples of positions after graduation: Purchaser, purchase manager, import/export assistant, company salesman, sales negotiator, sales manager, entrepreneur

Further study options:
• Master degree
• University studies