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TUAS Open Studies

Open Studies offer non-degree students a chance to complete individual courses, path studies and higher education diplomas at TUAS. You can complete these studies via Open Studies regardless of your educational background or age.

You can enrol on study units of most our fields of study and elective studies. You can also participate in our Master’s level studies if you have completed an eligible Bachelor’s degree. Information on the eligibility criteria for each degree programme is available at

If you later enrol as a degree student at TUAS, you can apply for credit transfer for the studies completed at Open Studies.

General course selection and evening and online courses at Open Studies

Course enrolment takes place electronically via Study search: select Open Studies as the filter, then click on the study unit you wish to enrol to. On this page, you will find a link to the enrolment form and, at the bottom of the page, the course schedule. You will receive an email from Open Studies if your enrolment has been approved. Read further instructions for studying via Open Studies here.

Path Studies

Path studies consist of the first-year studies of a Bachelor’s degree, approximately 55–60 ECTS. These studies can take the form of online learning, contact teaching or blended learning. You will study in the same group(s) as the degree students. After completing the required number of ECTS credits, you will be eligible to apply via separate application to become a degree student.

Applications for path studies are filled electronically at Our selection of study programmes, selection criteria and enrolment instructions are available on our website.

Higher education diplomas

Diplomas of higher education provide further competences in a specific field. The diplomas are designed to provide additional training according to the employers’ wishes for current or new roles at work. The extent of studies is primarily 60 ECTS and the duration from one to two years.

These diplomas are currently available in Finnish only.