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Diverse Operating Environments for Health Promotion (6 cr)

Code: TH00BY27-3002

General information


02.12.2023 - 14.01.2024


01.01.2024 - 31.07.2024

Number of ECTS credits allocated

6 op

Mode of delivery

Contact teaching


Health and Well-being

Teaching languages

  • Finnish
  • English

Degree programmes

  • Degree Programme in Midwifery


  • Hanna Koivikko
  • Nita Björklöf


  • PKÄTIS22


The student:

• Can use customer and resource-oriented teaching and guidance methods appropriately to promote the health and well-being of individuals, different groups and communities
• Can utilise the potential of health technology to promote health and well-being
• Can plan, implement and evaluate health advice and health promotion programmes
• Is familiar with the national vaccination programme for adults and the vaccination of different groups
• Can administer vaccines safely and correctly
• Knows the role and expertise of a public health nurse as part of a multi-professional maternity care environment
• Knows the principles and methods of culturally sensitive nursing



• Resource-based, motivational interviewing
• Identification of resources, resource forms
• Addressing topics
• The principles and societal significance of vaccination
• Diseases that are controlled by vaccination
• Establishing immunity
• Different types of vaccination and their composition
• National vaccination programme and legislation
• Benefits and disadvantages of vaccination
• Counselling patients according to latest evidence-based data
• The concept of cultural sensitivity and applying cultural sensitivity in customer contacts in nursing care

Evaluation scale