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Degree Programme in Business Administration, Salo

Autumn 2017

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Year of study 1 2 3 4
Search for study unit: ECTS 1 2 3 4 1A 1S 2A 2S 3A 3S 4A 1 2 3 4 1 2 3 4 5 1 2 3 4 5 1 2
BASIC STUDIES 35                                                      
Basics of Business Administration 15
Workplace Communication 5
Business English 5
Higher Education Studies and Working Life Skills
Higher Education Studies and Working Life Skills 1 1
Higher Education Studies and Working Life Skills 2 1
Higher Education Studies and Working Life Skills 3 1  
Higher Education Studies and Working Life Skills 4 1    
Higher Education Studies and Working Life Skills 5 1    
Swedish Business Communication, B1
Swedish in working life, oral communication 2
Swedish in working life, written communication 3
PROFESSIONAL STUDIES 95                                                      
Business Mathematics using Spreadsheet Application 5
Marketing 5
Financial Competence 5
Business Law 5
National Economics and International Economics 5
Organizational Behaviour 5
Reseach and Development in Business 5    
Innovation Project
Innovation Tools 5  
Product and Service Innovation 5  
Productization 5  
(Select 35 ECTS)
Social Action 5
Starting up a Business 10  
Developing the Business 5  
Financial Management 5  
Project Management 5  
Team Leadership and Management 5    
ICT Systems 5                                                      
Intercultural Networking 5  
Domestic International Project 5  
International Project Abroad 5                                                      
Modern Marketing and Selling
(Select 10 ECTS)
Digital Marketing 5  
B2B Sales and Negotiations 5  
Event Marketing and Sales Promotion 5  
International Marketing and Selling 5                                                      
OPTIONAL STUDIES 30                                                      
Optional Studies in BusinessAcademy 30                                                      
Tandem Learning and Culture 5  
Marketing Project 5                                                      
Coaching and Mentoring 5    
Other Optional Studies 30                                                      
Enterprise Resource Planning 5  
Open Studies in Business 1 5                                                      
Open Studies in Business 2 5                                                      
Open Studies in Business 3 5                                                      
PRACTICAL TRAINING 30                                                      
Practical Training
Basic Practical Training 10    
Professional Practical Training 20    
BACHELOR'S THESIS 20                                                      
Bachelor's Thesis
Bachelor's Thesis: planning 10      
Bachelor's Thesis: implementation 10      
ECTS credits per period / semester / academic year 67 76 46.5 20.5 43.5 23.5 39 37 14 32.5 20.5 21.8 21.8 11.8 11.8 19.5 19.5 12.3 12.3 12.3 7 7 10.9 10.9 10.9 10.3 10.3

Due to the timing of optional and elective courses, credit accumulation per semester / academic year may vary.

Programme description

Study objectives

Salo Business Academy – different way to learn!

The aim of the program is to train the student to a business specialist with focus on entrepreneurship and innovative action. The emphasis lies within and across business, modern ICT and innovations.

The studies take place in Salo BisnesAkatemia by doing projects. Students support each others in learning to learn as well as building up the entrepreneurial spirit. This applies both to skills and contents. Teacher trainers support students in setting and reaching personal learning goals. Trainers are professionals in training teaching and team working as well as specialists in e.g. business models, digital marketing or databases. In addition, experts from different fields bring up-date contents and trends to the teams according to projects’ needs.

Structure of studies and study contents

Studies consist of Basic Studies, Professional Studies and Free Electives. The aim is to build the contents of every degree in accordance with student’s personal needs.

First year
•familiarizing with business environment with help of Business Model Canvasin innovative methods
•starting points are digitalization, customer orientation and internationalization
•studies take place in teams by active learning methods
•goal isbasic understanding and skills in business and the possibilities of ICT in business

Fromspring offirstyear (BisnesAkatemia, Business Academy)
•setting up and running a real business, a student-owned co-operative
•learning takes place through authentic business and customer projects.
•goals areteam working and project skills, business skilss and specializing in personal field

With the help of different learning environments and teaching methods students learn the skills that are valued in today and future jobs. These include team working and project skills, independent thinking as well as management & leadership skills. Students also have a possibility to participate in training in English, read material in different languages, go for an exchange and or take part in international co-operation projects. As working life needs and the required skills are changing all the time, you need customer oriented thinking, creativity, co-operative skills as well as tolerance of diversity and uncertainty.

Student can make his/her own study path and choose his/her personal specialization.

Professional Studies are divided into the following modules: Business Operations, Modern Marketing and Selling, Internationalization, Innovation Project Management. Modules are divided into courses.

Some Study Units are compulsory and some are optional.The student can either take an in-depth look at a certain theme or expand his/her know-how under several themes and in this way reach his/her personal goals.

In addition to Professional Studies, the student can choose Complementary Studies as Free Electives and thus tailor-make his/her degree up to his/her own targets.

Work placement and Bachelor Thesis can be integrated in co-operatives and eventual personal business operations. A portfolio comprised along the studies and a project time monitoring document emphasizing learning contents are both essential elements of personal learning and competences. When graduating, the student receives a written statement of his/her roles, responsibilities, tasks and accomplishments gained as a Diploma Supplement.

During the studies there is an appointed team coach (teacher) to give support and guidance in every student’s professional growth. The whole network of teachers and other staff help the students accordingly.


Exchange students study in the same community with Finnish student groups and create a real multicultural environment. You can study or do the work placement abroad. You can also participate in international projects or other international activities.

Competence objectives

Pedagogic approaches