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Postpartum Midwifery Work and Nursing of New-Borns (5 cr)

Code: TH00BY32-3003

General information


02.12.2023 - 16.01.2024


18.03.2024 - 26.05.2024

Number of ECTS credits allocated

5 op

Virtual portion

1 op

Mode of delivery

80 % Contact teaching, 20 % Distance learning


Emergency Care, Public Health Nursing and Midwifery


Kupittaa Campus

Teaching languages

  • Finnish


10 - 30

Degree programmes

  • Degree Programme in Midwifery


  • Hanna Koivikko
  • Tiina Murto
  • Satu Halonen


    Degree Programme in Midwifery, Part-Time Path Studies, Spring 24


The student:

· Can independently care for the mother who gave birth and her family
· Can anticipate and identify changes in the well-being of the woman who gave birth, the new-born and their family
· Can guide the mother and family in a health-promoting and family-oriented manner
· Can care for a new-born
· Can prevent, identify and intervene in time in connection with changes in a new-born’s health
· Understands the importance of early interaction and supporting it as part of the puerperium period
· Can act in a way that supports parenting and early interaction
· Can observe the problems of early interaction
· Can perform a normal postpartum check
· Students will become familiar with the most common perinatal and neonatal disorders and problems.
· Students will know how to observe and care for a newborn as a multiprofessional team member in situations that threaten the health and life of the newborn.



• Monitoring, counselling and evaluation of postpartum woman, new-born and family
• Methods for monitoring, caring for and assessing the condition of the mother and family after childbirth
• Care of a mother who has given birth normally or by caesarean section, and her family
• Postpartum complications
• Monitoring of mental wellbeing after childbirth
• Multiprofessional operations and referral for further treatment
• Breastfeeding counselling
• Content of health advice after childbirth
• Recovery after childbirth
• Childbirth discussion
• Family planning and contraception after childbirth
• Methods for monitoring the condition of a newborn

Support for Early Intervention and Parenthood
• Theoretical foundation for early interaction
• Observation in early intervention
• Methods for supporting early intervention and parenthood in midwifery

Postpartum Examination
• Recovery from childbirth and gynaecological status
• Childbirth discussion
• Family planning
• Parental benefits in postpartum examination
• Success of breastfeeding and problems in breastfeeding

Nursing of new-borns in need of intensive care
• The most common perinatal and neonatal disorders and problems
• Actions to take if the condition of the newborn changes
• Resuscitation of newborns

Evaluation scale