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Demanding Client Work / First-Line Management Training (10 cr)

Code: TH00CA89-3007

General information


01.10.2023 - 15.03.2024


01.01.2024 - 14.06.2024

Number of ECTS credits allocated

10 op

Mode of delivery

Contact teaching


Health and Well-being

Teaching languages

  • Finnish


26 - 35

Degree programmes

  • Degree Programme in Social Services


  • Tiina Suni
  • Marika Kouki


  • 13.03.2024 14:00 - 16:00, Vaativan asiakastyön / lähijohtamisen harjoittelu TH00CA89-3007
  • 08.05.2024 14:00 - 16:00, Vaativan asiakastyön / lähijohtamisen harjoittelu TH00CA89-3007
  • 22.05.2024 14:00 - 16:00, Vaativan asiakastyön / lähijohtamisen harjoittelu TH00CA89-3007


• as a Bachelor of Social Services student, you understand the basic task and meaning of your training position as part of the service system
• you are able to work responsibly and in a client-oriented way in counselling, advice or management roles in social and education services
• you understand the relation between the special needs of a client group and the development of the competence of the work community
• you understand the overall meaning of multi-professional work, and you participate in multi-professional and multi-sectoral collaboration
• you familiarise yourself with work community management and work to promote occupational well-being and safety in your training place
• you are able to apply theoretical knowledge on demanding client work, work community activities and management
• you know how to promote the fulfilment of ethical and sustainability principles and apply them to your own actions


· a practical training period in demanding client work or as a first-line manager in a social and health service, education, youth work or immigrant work unit, for example (in the public, private or third sector)
· setting your own learning objectives, working on your training assignments and reflecting on your learning
· active participation in and familiarising yourself with the client operating environment, services and multi-professional work
· use of various information systems in your work and the documentation of client work

Evaluation scale



The internships are completed in order: When you have completed Customer work internship, you can start Internship in demanding customer work / immediate management.